Graduate Student Tutorial

Graduate Writing Assistance Program

Welcome to the Graduate Writing Assistance Program at Old Dominion University. We provide free, confidential writing assistance to any graduate student enrolled at Old Dominion University. Our goal is to help students in all fields of academic study develop their writing skills.

Our Services

The Graduate Writing Assistance Program provides one-on-one assistance to graduate students interested in learning how to improve their writing. Because we serve the graduate community, we expect students to be actively engaged in the writing process both academically and as professionals in their fields. We will happily assist you with either specific assignments, theses, dissertations, or with general questions about writing.

We provide assistance at any stage of the writing process:

While we are happy to help you learn grammatical rules, please note that we are educators, not editors. We will not simply read your work for grammatical errors, fix those errors for you, and then return that work to you. If you have concerns about grammar, please come prepared to learn how to fix these mistakes on your own in the future. If you’re unsure of what problems you may have, but know that your professors have commented on your grammar, we can help you pick out incorrect usage patterns and learn rules to correct them.

Making an Appointment

In order to focus our attention on you and your writing, we see students on an appointment-only basis. We are currently located in the Learning Commons at the Perry Library. To make an appointment you can sign up through tutor trac, stop by the Writing Center, or calls us at 757.683.4013.


Note: Online Tutoring is available for distance learning students as well as other graduate students on a case by case basis. When submitting an online tutorial, you should provide as many (specific) questions as you can in order for us to better address your concerns and attach a copy of your paper as a Microsoft WORD document as well as including the following information:

If ESL, Native Language:  Graduate Program of Study  Course #:  Course Name:  Instructor Name:  Specific Assignment Requirements (What is your assignment, specifically?):  Due Date:  Your SPECIFIC questions and concerns about your paper.